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By JL Wilson

* Useful writing tips (I can attest to these):

* Will physical books be obsolete in 5 years? The developing world may drive the future of books…

* This blog makes a good point about success. We all have to define it for ourselves and I think that’s especially true in publishing, where there are a lot of so-called best-seller lists which supposedly define success.

* Here’s a good post about marketing (these are my peeves, too):

* Dorchester’s problems continue (warning: strong language ahead).

* This was fun (and a bit complex): Female character flowchart.

* And now for humor: the ultra-summarized Book-a-Minute!

* For NaNoWriMo, but pertinent at any time, I think: What novel should you write?

* And what NaNoWriMo is not.

* You can now ‘lend’ your ebooks via Amazon. What does this mean? Here’s some thoughts on it.

* Interesting discussion about authorial voice  (especially in the comments):

* Have you been asked to do a book review? Here are some tips on how to do it:

* I agree with this: bookstores have to reinvent themselves in order to stay viable. Not sure if this is the right approach, but it’s a thought:

* Seriously: don’t think you can plagarize text in today’s world. Really.

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