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A lot of predictions this month… let’s see if they pan out.
* I wonder if this foretells another merger in the works?

* Yep. Hell is a book tour. Enough said.

* Nothing stunning — ebook reading is going up, print books are going down. Yep.

* A sanely worded response to the Facebook assertion that “authors giving away free books are [insert negative term here]”

* Predictions for 7 book trends in 2013.

* A Rip Van Winkle experience (being in jail then emerging to new technology). The comments were interesting.

* A “nastiest review” award. Really?

* Wow. An author missing millions of dollars. Somehow it’s hard to be sympathetic about this …

* Predictions, predictions, predictions …. the future of fiction is self-publishing, really?

* And more predictions ….

* Sort of a “duh” statement: kids are adoping ebooks faster than parents.

* B&N sales are down. Is the Nook to blame?

* Yet more predictions: words that will be banned. Hmm.

* What do you think? Is the novel beyond saving?

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