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A lot of predictions this month… let’s see if they pan out.
* I wonder if this foretells another merger in the works?

* Yep. Hell is a book tour. Enough said.

* Nothing stunning — ebook reading is going up, print books are going down. Yep.

* A sanely worded response to the Facebook assertion that “authors giving away free books are [insert negative term here]”

* Predictions for 7 book trends in 2013.

* A Rip Van Winkle experience (being in jail then emerging to new technology). The comments were interesting.

* A “nastiest review” award. Really?

* Wow. An author missing millions of dollars. Somehow it’s hard to be sympathetic about this …

* Predictions, predictions, predictions …. the future of fiction is self-publishing, really?

* And more predictions ….

* Sort of a “duh” statement: kids are adoping ebooks faster than parents.

* B&N sales are down. Is the Nook to blame?

* Yet more predictions: words that will be banned. Hmm.

* What do you think? Is the novel beyond saving?

3 thoughts on “First links of 2013”

  1. Hmm… En itse lukenut kommentteja, mutta tuo: helvetissä juodaan polttavan kuumaa kolaa; eikö se ole Simpsonien jaksossa Bart sells his soul, olisiko 7. tai 8. tuotantokausi. Rev. Lovejoy uhkailee lapsia kielimään siitä, kuka vaihtoi virsivihot rokkibiisiin: “..and you shall drink naught, but burning hot cola…” Ilmeisesti joku otti tämän uhkauksen tosissaan.

  2. Heerlijk om zo “dichtbij” te zijn en mee te krijgen hoe zo’n nummer groeit.Bedankt Ernst Jan, je schrijft op zo’n prettige manier dat je het gevoel hebt er echt bij te zijn!

  3. http://www./ says:

    Huge, huge, HUGS to you Jen!! I will be thinking and praying for you, HRH, and your whole family!! Please don't worry about your blog but keep us updated as much as you can. Don't worry about keeping up with our blogs, we are here to support you now and that is all that matters! Love to you and yours!

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