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June Roundup


I think I have cowboys on the brain. I was just at a conference in Colorado and there were cowboys everywhere (so to speak). Anyway, here are the links of June — some interesting picks here, I think.


* Yet another self-pubbed author & promotion sock puppetry … or is it?

* I like some of these choices for kick-ass heroine. I may need to look up the ones I don’t know.

* 10 reasons to feel sorry for writers. I don’t know, I’m a writer and most don’t apply to me. Maybe.

* Just say ‘no’ (creative people need to say ‘no’ more often). I have no problem with this.

* Libraries and museums: mapped. Very nice.

* Outlander on TV – I wonder who will play Jamie and Claire?

* Beware the blurb!

* Self-published books are 12% of sales. I would have thought more, really.

* Stephen King skipping ebooks? I wonder why?

* I’m surprised an erotica book was allowed in prison.

* A fascinating look at language in America — what dialect do you follow?

* 9 books that people will judge you for reading. Not sure I agree with this, but interesting.

* A BEA round-up (more posts are available if you want to search them out). I’ve never been, so have no idea what it’s all about. I report it here in the interest of “it’s about publishing so here it is”.

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