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It seems like the links (or perhaps my interest) skittered around a lot this month.

* An interesting post by Jenny Cruisie about her writing muse, which has dried up.

* How to Pitch (some good tips here and in Part 1):

* Book covers: then and now. What do you think?

* Rules of writing, Star Trek style.

* How authors feel when they’re reading books. I feel the same.

* What’s in a name? Turns out, quite a lot.

* Interesting graphic about reading habits. Me? I give a book 25 pages. If I’m not hooked, it’s gone.

* Snort: Removing one letter from a title. Who knew it could be so apt, somehow?

* I like the idea of a community bookstore.

* How Rowlings was unmasked (as it were).

* A nice summary about the ebook law suit/price war, Apple & the Department of Justice.

* Why your ebook and your print book may not be the same.

* It’s not books, but some of these movies are based on books, so it counts, right? 50 books for 50 states.

* I confess I wasn’t even aware of some of these “literary techniques

* I find it disturbing that Orson Scott Card talks about tolerance in this way. Creepy.

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