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I stumbled across an interesting mix of links this month…

* Yet more plagarism. Why bother, people? If you can’t write, don’t pretend.

* For you Harry Potter fans: what happened in the future world of HP.

* New fairy tales discovered!

* 10 words being misused (and I’m pretty sure you’re misusing at least one)

* Digital is set to overtake paperbacks, it appears. Sooner rather than later?

* Sylvia Day is getting a lot of press lately. Here’s more.

* This does make you wonder who was in charge of cover art?

* This is so obvious, and yet it does seem to happen: “big numbers of followers =”  what?

* And more cover art: cliches. Amazing how alike they all seem, right?

* True: women in science fiction — where’s the recognition?

* Words that are gone out of style. Seriously. Why?

* Oh, dear. Sock puppetry in the form of writing. What next?

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