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Writers at all levels need to be inspired. Those just starting out need inspiration to send their work to publishers and get published. Once an author has been published, inspiration is needed to keep writing and to take things to the next step. It doesn’t matter if you’ve published no books or many books, you’re going to need inspiration.

Most writers find inspiration by networking or communicating with their peers. This is done through online groups, organizations and affiliations, as well as through social media. When one writer achieves his or her goals, it lifts the spirits of all who associate with the writer. Because it’s proof that you, too, can achieve what you want within the publishing sphere.

There’s a lot that can be done to combat the loneliness of writing and to ensure that writers get the inspiration they need. Networking and attending events is just one option. And that’s why I’m hosting Muse Camp: Inspiration Edition coming in September. This free event goes for two weeks, starting in the middle of September. Each day an author will share the story of how he or she got published, as well as share tips and hints for publishing and selling books. It’s a great event, with a lot of free bonuses, including a free inspirational ebook. You can learn more at

Writers shouldn’t neglect their inspiration. The daily grind of writing and publishing, of dealing with the industry, of sales numbers and promotional opportunities, can really wear an author down. It takes time and persistence to get published and to stay published. It’s important that all authors work on inspiration, to ensure they stay fired up about their careers.

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