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As usual, I have a rather eclectic mix this month…


* Biggest (ahem) dick moves in literature. I tend to agree….

* Teen movie adaptations that are fails. I wonder why? (I haven’t read many of these books so can only speculate)

* 11 authors who kept their day jobs. Who knew?

* Who is Jonathan Franzen and why does anyone take him seriously? Regardless, here’s a nice rebuttal of one of his rambling rants.

* Some interesting writing tricks here. I may try a few….

* Goodreads (now owned by Amazon) is deleting reviews. Since I don’t read reviews (of my books or others), I played past this. Does it bother you?

* I did a “send books to reviewers for reviews website” once and never again. Not sure it’s worth it. Was it worth it for these authors?

* The biggest publishers … as of today.

* Jokes for grammar nerds. Snort.

* Interesting bookstores around the world.

* Nothing to do with books, but cool nonetheless. Inventive street art.

* What was a scandal years ago? Check it out!

* Here’s what Star Wars can teach us about writing. Not bad…

* Here’s a distinction: books abandoned in hotel rooms.

* Long odds for unknown authors. Um, duh?

* Grammar rules, as only the Oatmeal can do …

* 10 books college freshmen should read. Hmm. I have several college degrees & haven’t read these. Should I?

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