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There are a few Ho-Ho-Ho ones here.

* Interesting look at how books get printed (in pictures).

* Some very nifty libraries here. Don’t know how much reading I’d do!

* These really are quite good: book nerd puns. Snort.

* The government has spent money studying romance. Why?

* Yikes. Being sued for a bad review?

* Amazon’s best-seller lists (with few Amazon authors). Hmm.

* I’d quibble with this. How many drinks did Bond finish?

* More effects from the Fifty Shades legacy, this time around vocabulary. I’m sorry. I really am tired of the “naughty words” in my fiction.

* Wow. A country is digitizing its book assets. All of them. For free.

* A good article about self-publishing: those who hit it rich, and those who didn’t.

* Independent publishers (self-pubbed) getting clobbered by big book publishers. Well, duh.

* Predictions for 2014 (in book marketing). I rather think these are spot on.

* Creative and non-creative people. I think the final sentence sums it up nicely.

* One author’s writing process. I tend to do the same regarding a character’s background.

* Some memorably bad sex scenes (not R-rated, don’t worry)

* What a writer’s income looks like (from a survey)

* The old “READ” posters from the 80s. Many celebrities who are gone (but not forgotten).

* Interesting survey about symbolism in fiction from a student who asked authors about it.

* Many agents do come off as condescending, and here’s one reason why.

* Literary self-loathing...I don’t know, I’m not self-loathing (but I’m not considered “Literary”, either).

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