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There was some kerfluffling this month, but mostly just interesting looks at writers.

* A thoughtful blog about why historical novels aren’t doing well. I agree with most of her points.

* Here’s some context for that blog post above.

* A summary of the recent kerfluffle regarding Kensington’s CEO and others regarding self-publishing.

* If you’re a V.C. Andrews fan, you might find this interesting.

* I’d hop on board with Amtrak for a ride!

* The worst jobs in books. Yep.

* NYC (publishing) vs. “commericial” authors. Interesting post.

* Redundancies in the world — cringeworthy!

* A nice interview with Alice Hoffman. I was surprised to see she & I are both reading Jack Finney (me: re-reading, her for the 1st time).

* Interesting look at U.S. vs. U.K. covers.

* The Hemingway app — paste in your text, and it analyzes it for you. I did pretty darn good.

* A thoughtful guess about the future of publishing.

* Romance plotlines that happen in real life.

One thought on “Links of late winter”

  1. Susan Gourley says:

    Can’t wait to check some of these out. Since I’m new here I missed these.

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