Free ebooks for Marketing Your Writing and Your Books

Here is the August installment of free books for writers. This month there seemed to be a shortage of books on writing, so I went the marketing route (with a couple that lean to research and other skills). All of the links go to Amazon for Kindle, but you might […]

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Short Stories as Marketing Tools

A couple years ago, I picked up an interesting tip from established novelists. They said that the short story format is an excellent way to introduce new readers to their books. I’ve seen this technique used time and time again. Basically, a novelist will have enough “room” in their world […]

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Marrying Marketing and Writing Goals

It’s almost the end of the year. The smell of fresh-baked cookies lingers in the air and if you tilt your head, you can probably the jingling of bells and holiday ornaments. Winter offers writers the chance to reflect on goals: What did we accomplish the previous year? What do […]

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‘Thinking Outside the Box’ Tips for Creating Your own Book Marketing Video

by Melissa Conway Most author-created book trailers stick to the tried-and-true format of carefully selected stock photos with thoughtfully composed captions set to royalty-free music—a potentially good way to get a story concept across to viewers. If done right, it can increase sales, but this particular marketing tool is useless […]

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The Number One Reason Why Marketing Tactics Fail

Over the past, few years I’ve talked to a lot of authors experimenting with marketing using tools like: blogs, newsletters, social media, direct mailers and bookmarks, convention appearances, etc. When something doesn’t work? They abandon it. Sadly, some of the tools they’re leaving behind have real, tangible value. Newsletters, for […]

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