Creative Writing Prompts: Start with a Setting

The DaVinci Code begins with a murder in the Louvre. The story of Sarah’s Key had to take place in France. In the case of Water for Elephants, the setting—a circus—moves with the story but is a complete world nonetheless. A setting does more than add interest. If your story […]

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Jump-Start Your Imagination with Story Starter First Lines

One way to fire up your imagination? Creative writing exercises focused on the first line of a story. Below is a list of first lines for you to use to hone your storytelling and writing skills.

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Why Write Erotica?

By Kelly Lawrence You would have to have been living in a hole deep underground to miss the recent explosion in popularity of erotic stories and erotic romances. Erotic novels have gone from being discreetly hidden in the far corner of your local bookstore to taking centre stage. In the […]

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Cross Train for Story Ideas

“…good story ideas seem to come quite literally from nowhere, sailing at you right out of the empty sky: two previously unrelated ideas come together and make something new under the sun…” –Stephen King Use cross thinking to get you to think differently and allow a story idea to come […]

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Fear as a Writing Prompt? ‘Tis the Season!

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. I loved planning who I would morph into for the day. Would I be a cowgirl, a sleeping princess, a witch? I also loved haunted houses and ghost stories, and reveled in the day I was terrified at every turn—but knew deep down […]

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