5 Character Tips to Intrigue Readers

One of the best ways to build conflict and suspense in your character and intrigue your reader is to give your character a secret. Better yet, have her lie to hide it and to protect herself. Don’t divulge the secret right away in your story, but keep it hidden until […]

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The #1 Thing Every Character Must Have

Do you ever sit down to the blank page and your characters do nothing? You get in the zone, but still, the scene goes nowhere? Are ideas dried up and the story has no place to go? Do your characters get into conflict (as they should) or do they just […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Dig Deep into Character

Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, giving your characters accountability adds depth and will forge a connection between your character and the reader. Accountability helps give your character the “it” factor and shows your protagonist has depth and cares for something other than himself. (For more ways to make […]

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Push Your Character into Interesting

Characters without trouble who do no bad things (have no flaws) are boring. And will take your story nowhere. So what do you do? Push your character in every way that it counts.

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Ten Tips for a Terrific Antagonist

If you think your protagonist is the most important part of your book, think again. Your story is only as good as your antagonist. Here are ten different ways to make an antagonist worthy of your protagonist and story.

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