Protagonist Hook: Unique Job and Lifestyle

It’s more than just an “interest” technique (although there’s nothing wrong with building interest). A character’s job/career or lifestyle can and should be a story driver and can even expand into theme, bringing the story more depth and power.

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Race in Young Adult Fiction

I recently read this article in the Atlantic Wire about race in young adult fiction, and I’ve decided to address the topic here, since I think it’s an important–if sometimes touchy–issue.  Why is it that YA fiction does not represent the diversity that we see in the “real” world?  When […]

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The “It” Factor for your Protagonist

If a character has the “it” factor means he or she is someone special. Memorable. A character with charisma. How to develop a protagonist with these qualities? Read on…

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The Compelling Protagonist Part 2: Hook Your Reader with Character

Once a reader connects to your protagonist, they will go along for the ride and won’t be able to put your book down. Here are two pieces that will help your protagonist hook your reader and draw them into the story.

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The Compelling Protagonist: Three No-Fail Writing Strategies

One of the most important aspects of a page-turner is a strong reader-protagonist connection. Use any one or better yet, all of these three techniques and you are well on your way to writing a bestselling protagonist.

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