Young Adult Fiction and the Cliffhanger…

Lately, I’ve been hearing lots of complaints about “cliffhangers” in young adult series–you know, where a book ends seemingly in the middle of some sort of crisis, and you have to wait for the next book for the resolution.  From a marketing perspective, a cliffhanger can be a good thing.  It leaves […]

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Powering Up Your Prose

So you’ve finished a draft of your manuscript. Congratulations! That’s an accomplishment scores of people dream of and only a small percentage of determined writers achieve. The next step is, of course, revising your manuscript, maybe after getting a critique partner’s input or receiving feedback from a contest judge or […]

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5 Common Problems in Your Young Adult Manuscript

Lately, I’ve been noticing a series of common problems popping up in a lot of young adult manuscripts (and even published YA novels!).  Does yours suffer from any of the following?  If so, these may be some areas that could use a little strengthening. 1.  An imbalance with your heroine/hero […]

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Man Remembering Flashback

What Every Writer Ought to Know about Flashbacks in Fiction

Flashbacks are a scene or piece of a scene from a past time that is interjected into an ongoing story. They are usually presented as a memory of POV character, and many writers seem quite fond of adding them to their books. The problem with flashbacks is that they can […]

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Motivation Reaction Units – for pacing and character building

When I first started writing, I’d never heard of a motivation reaction unit (MRU). What I did know, though, was sometimes things just didn’t seem to flow. Sections of prose would feel awkward and just not right. So I would re-read and re-word until they did. Even after I did […]

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