Six Ways to Add Suspense to Any Book

There are a lot of ways to build suspense and add tension to your works of fiction. Here are six of my favorites. Changing Point of View – Since most of my books have two major point of view characters, I tend to do this a lot. You are writing […]

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Writing a Page-Turning Novel: Pacing with Words

Use the right word and not its second cousin. —Mark Twain The words you use, and the order and way you use them, makes a huge difference in the pacing of your novel. This applies to any type of fiction—when you write a book or short story, the details definitely […]

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Writing a Page-Turning Novel: What’s the Big Idea?

Writing a page-turning novel is so much more than planning plot twists and fast-moving action. A page-turning novel begins with an idea that is so compelling it draws a reader in from the first word and never lets go. So where do you start when thinking about writing your page-turning novel?

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