A Diet Program for your Writing

A Diet Program—for Your Writing!

You want the essence of your writing to come through, but needless words and phrases can get in the way and weigh down your prose. Solution: put your writing on a five-step diet.

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Stitching your scenes together with transitions

Stitching Your Scenes Together with Transitions

As writers we spend a lot of time talking about plot, character, setting and description. We learn how to put all of those together into scenes and how to show character motivation with sequel. But then when it comes time to stitch it all together we often stutter… uh… okay… […]

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Five Check Marks Header

5 Must Checks in Book Revisions

I’m in the middle of revisions right now for the third book in my Dusty Deals Mystery series.  I’m not actually done with the book yet, but I took a break from writing this novel to go back and revise a few things that were bugging me. I do this […]

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Glasses on page

Clarity – A Guiding Principle For Writing & Business

Clarity – to be clear or lucid. To be free of ambiguity or indistinctness. Clarity is important in writing. In order to effectively express a point of view, tell a story, or even argue a perspective, your words and the way you put them together are your tools for success. […]

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Piercing Eyes

Revision: Checklist for Compelling Characters

Without compelling characters your book will get tossed aside faster than a vacuous date. What pieces do you need in place? Here’s a checklist for the all-important rewrites.

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