Realism When Writing SciFi Fantasy

One problem with writing fantasy novels in which heroes and heroines wield swords, shields and sundry other objets d’mayhem, is that most of us have no idea what using those things is actually like. Luckily, it’s almost a moot point–most of our readers have little experience in this area as […]

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World-Building 101 Creating a Setting for a Story, a MadCon Panel Report

On this panel: Patrick Rothfuss, Gene Wolfe, Allen Steele and Nicholas Ozment Notes complied by: Jenna Reynolds (These are not meant to be direct quotes.) When you are building a world for your stories, what is your process? What do you start with? Wolfe: I start with what I want the […]

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“Listen! Do you smell something?”

Hello. I’m Alex Bledsoe, and I’ll be blogging once a month on aspects of writing unique (or mostly unique) to fantasy, horror and science fiction. I once read an interview with director Ridley Scott, whose second film–a little number called Alien had just been released.  In it, he mentioned how […]

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