Never Say Never: Taking a Closer Look at Writing “Rules”

Don’t kill a puppy. Never use an –ly adverb. Exclamation points are the mark of an amateur. I’ve heard these writing “rules” and dozens of others from the time I started pursuing publication. And I’m ashamed to say, when I was new, I even believed some of them. The fact […]

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Building with Blocks

Making a Scene: A Practical Planning Method for Your Story’s Building Blocks

When I stumbled through my first manuscript eleven years ago, I didn’t know much about scenes. I didn’t know much about writing a book, come to think of it, but the best way to learn is to just do it. (And, of course, read up on the subject at places […]

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Powering Up Your Prose

So you’ve finished a draft of your manuscript. Congratulations! That’s an accomplishment scores of people dream of and only a small percentage of determined writers achieve. The next step is, of course, revising your manuscript, maybe after getting a critique partner’s input or receiving feedback from a contest judge or […]

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Stitching your scenes together with transitions

Stitching Your Scenes Together with Transitions

As writers we spend a lot of time talking about plot, character, setting and description. We learn how to put all of those together into scenes and how to show character motivation with sequel. But then when it comes time to stitch it all together we often stutter… uh… okay… […]

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Stop Beating those Cliches to Death

You have probably heard that clichés in creative writing should be avoided like the plague. But often they are the first thing at the tip of your tongue, the low hanging fruit that can help you hit that word count you so desperately want to hit. So, what’s a writer […]

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