Connect to your Readers with your Writing

Connect to Readers with Your Writing

Last month I wrote about how clarity was a guiding principle for your writing and your business.  This month I’d like to discuss connection. Let’s face it, if you can’t make connections, then you aren’t going to succeed. Again, this is as true in writing as it is in business. […]

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Ten Steps to Deconstructing a Novel (or How to Learn from Great Authors)

Reading other’s work will help you study story structure and analyze what works and what doesn’t so you can apply concepts of writing that resonate with you to your own writing. Here’s how to do it.

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Five Things You Should Know About Teens…

…if you want to write YA.   I had the pleasure of leading a class of talented teen writers this summer at the Center at Miami-Dade College.  The students ranged in age from entering high school freshmen to entering seniors (so roughly 14-18)–pretty much the “target market” for young adult […]

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Finding your voice as a writer, writing

Finding Your Writing Voice, a workshop

Everyone hears about “voice,” but how do you know when you have found yours? This workshop developed by romance author, Jennifer Stevenson is a fun and productive activity that you can do with friends to discover yours. Guest Post by Jennifer Stevenson This is a workshop you can do with […]

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Your Book’s Ending: The Final Frontier

No matter how terrific the rest of the story, the ending is what readers remember. When you write a book, a great finale to your story can be a challenge. Here are some writing tips to help.

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