In Defense of the Young Adult “Good Guy”

 There’s definitely something going ’round the Young Adult writing world these days–the notion that the “ideal” YA male character (particularly the “love interest”) is a “bad boy.”  You know, the super-hot boy with a smokin’ body and a bad attitude.  If you read a lot of YA, you’ve seen him everywhere.  Rock-hard abs, smoldering gaze, … [Read more…]

Grammar: Nauseated, Nauseous or Just Plain Sick?

Writers like to use the most effective, colorful word to describe something. For instance, instead of “sick to her stomach” or “upset stomach,” we like to use “nauseated.” Well, actually, many of us like to use “nauseous,” but that misuse makes my stomach hurt! “Nauseated” and “nauseous” are two different, not-interchangeable words. And yet many … [Read more…]