Too “Hot” for Young Adult?

There’s a lot of confusion out there about how “hot” a young adult novel can (and should) be.  The short answer:  it all depends.  Here’s the thing–there is no “line in the sand” where sexual content is concerned in YA fiction.  To completely ignore the topic of sex in young […]

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Young Adult Fiction equals “Dumbed Down”?

Every year when I begin teaching a commercial fiction class for adults, I have at least one student who, when we start discussing Young Adult/Teen fiction, asks something to the effect of “YA fiction is just dumbed down writing, right?” I can’t tell you how disheartening this is.  Let me […]

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Why Young Adult?

I wanted to revisit the topic of “Why Young Adult?” since it’s a question I get asked so frequently.  Why write YA?  Why read it?  What’s the appeal, especially with adult readers? Most YA authors are not young adults themselves, nor are a good percentage of young adult readers.  But […]

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The “New Adult” Novel–Bridging the Gap Between Young Adult and Adult Fiction

Those of you who write either Young Adult (YA) fiction or adult romance are probably aware of the new “trend” in town–the New Adult  (NA) novel.  In recent months, we’ve heard of several indie (self-published) New Adult novels hitting bestseller lists–and subsequently getting snatched up by major publishers–and of some […]

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Young Adult Predictions for 2013

I thought I’d ring in 2013 with a few predictions about what to look for in the YA market in the coming year.  No crystal ball here, just some guesses based on my own experience and observations. 1)  Lots and lots of sci-fi, with a dash of high fantasy thrown […]

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