Email Newsletters for Authors: Why everyone is telling you you HAVE to have one.

Email newsletters… a pain, right? You have to build the list, you have to house the list, you have to design newsletters, come up with content and then send the newsletters. So much work… and so much techy type crap. Ugh. No, double ugh. But, yes, you really should have […]

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Bring Focus to Your Freelance Writing Career

The beginning of a new year is a great time to bring new focus to your work and to your professional obligations.  Here are a few things to consider as you move forward in 2013, flourishing as a freelancer. – Take some time to evaluate your work and progress.  What […]

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Report: Novelists Inc. Conference 2012: Social Media, Agents, Self-Publishing Success

Thanks to the threat of Sandy, I came back from the Novelists Inc. Conference in New York two days earlier than originally planned. Thankfully, this still gave me the chance to see many friends and make a number of new ones. I also was able to attend the first two […]

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Free ebooks for Marketing Your Writing and Your Books

Here is the August installment of free books for writers. This month there seemed to be a shortage of books on writing, so I went the marketing route (with a couple that lean to research and other skills). All of the links go to Amazon for Kindle, but you might […]

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Working with Tabs on Author Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook made some big changes not too long ago to both profiles and pages and predictably there was a lot of yelling about both. But actually along with making things a bit more difficult for awhile as we all relearned the Facebook ropes, we also gained some cool new free […]

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