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Triberr, Using the Power of Friends to Promote Your Blog

You’ve set up your blog, you’ve filled it with content, and… no one comes to visit.  You can harass your friends and beg people on loops and Facebook to stop by, but you aren’t getting anyone NEW. You know there are people out there interested in what you have to […]

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Five Great Resources For Freelance Writing

(Okay, six really, because the first stop is always the Writer’s Market!) Looking for some good tips on how to break into the freelance market?  Here are some good books and websites for more information and ideas: – Media Bistro was originally launched as an online media gathering place […]

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3 Ways to Develop your Brand as an Author

You’ve heard the phrase “writer’s platform” but what does that actually mean? What many publishers know, from a marketing standpoint, is that writer’s whose names are recognizable typically sell more books than an unknown author the reader has to take a chance on. Charlaine Harris. Stephen King. Neil Gaiman. These […]

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Promoting Your Young Adult Novel

Okay, you’ve done it!  You’ve written your YA novel, and either sold it to a publisher or decided to self-publish it.  Either way, it’s about to “go out into the world”!  Congrats! Now you just want to make sure that readers can actually find your gem out in the crowded […]

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Dig Up and Rebuild Writing Platforms

The theory behind having a platform is that it allows you, as an author, to present yourself in a cohesive way to your readers. You’re the scientist who pens science fiction. You’re the musician who wrote a story about a group of bards. You’re the indie author who also doles […]

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