Finding your voice as a writer, writing

Freelance Writing: Voice and Style

I recently finished a big project for a client that involved many hours in the Executive Director’s office, fine-tuning copy and making sure that what I thought the client wanted to say was actually what was showing up on the page. There was a very quick turn-around, and while the […]

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Fortune Cookie, Happy New Year

End of Year Thoughts for Freelancers

Whether you’re a full-time writer, or you’re still aspiring to write your first word, the end of the year is a great time to assess, plan and yes, even dream a little.  Here are a few ideas to help you prepare for a successful, productive 2013, no matter where you […]

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Stack of envelopes, query letters

Face Your Fear and Query

Years ago, a knew a woman (we’ll call her Amanda) who wrote romances, but never actually submitted one.  At a writers’ meeting, a mutual published author friend was talking about making money as a writer, and Amanda kind of snorted and said, “C’mon, you can’t make real money writing.” To […]

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Woman Writing by Hand

Quick Tips for the Writing Freelancer

I’ve had an incredibly busy month, personally and professionally, so this will be a short column with some quick, simple freelance advice I may extrapolate on in the future: -Keep track of your time, your efforts, your money and your expenses – be organized and on top of things enough […]

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Man researching in library

“Write What You Know” for the Freelance Writing Market

If you’ve been writing at all in the past century, you’ve probably heard this advice more than a few times, and it applies to every kind of writing.  In fiction, it’s easier to set up a world you’re familiar with than one you have to either research or create.  In […]

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