Must Haves for Authors’ Websites

I’m about to redo my website again, and I’ve been looking at a lot of websites for ideas. I’m starting a new series, and I’ve outgrown the format my techie savvy friend, Michelle Diener, and I created almost two years ago. In my current design, there’s no room for all my books, […]

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What Impression Does Your Website Give?

Are you an author? That’s not a trick question. It’s important, so I’m going to repeat it: Are you an author? If you’re answer is “Yes,” then your website should reflect that. My website design has been evolving over the past year because I’ve often married my day job and […]

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Websites for Writers: Definitions

Blog – Short for web log. Basically a public journal, but easy to update—no need for an ftp program and others can post responses just as easily. (The) Cloud or Cloud Computing – Documents and programs available via the “cloud” aka the Internet rather than on your personal computer. Common […]

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Websites for Writers: Getting Readers to Your Site

You have built a beautiful site which contains tons of useful and entertaining information, but the web traffic just doesn’t seem to be flowing past your door, or it may be flowing, but very few are stopping to visit. How do you get visitors to your website and get them […]

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Websites for Writers: Content

So, you are set up with a domain name, you have a place for your site to live (aka web host) and you have a pretty new design filled with…what? As a writer, what content should your site have? Let’s start with the absolute MUST HAVES. First and foremost, your […]

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