What’s the Story with Duplicate Content?

You’re an author. You have a blog. You’re trying to get the word out about your books. Then, you get a strange e-mail. Somebody is asking you to republish all of your blog posts. Will it hurt you? How about just the one? Duplicate content is a phrase used to […]

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Do You Own, Rent or Lease Your Content?

Does this sound familiar? You walk over to your computer and boot it up. Crap. You need to promote the short story you just sold to a really, cool anthology. You don’t really have a lot of time, so you don’t want to post about it on your website. You […]

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Want to be an Online Copywriter? Learn these Skills!

To write online, successful copywriters have to employ an arsenal of techniques in order for their work to be effective. Most businesses and publishers expect online copywriters to understand not only how to write for the web, but how to use tools effectively and stay on top of current web […]

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Writing Blog Posts and Articles to Persuade

Writing to persuade has a lot in common with writing exposition. Your organizational and developmental strategies will be the same.  However, with persuasive writing you write to convince, not to teach. There is a difference. With persuasive writing you make a claim, or statement you want others to believe. Then  you must […]

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Why Are You Writing and Publishing Online?

One of the first questions I often ask my clients or workshop attendees is: “Why are you writing for the web?” Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? You’d be surprised how often that question throws people for a loop, especially when they realize that writing for the web isn’t as simple […]

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