Diane Perkins Gaston, historical romance author

Interview, romance author, Diane Perkins Gaston

Since I’ve decided it’s time to do an interview or two for this column, I wanted to start with a friend who has a career and an outlook I wouldn’t mind mimicking. She’s also, interestingly, the very first person I ever met at an RWA meeting. So I figured she […]

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Writing Contest! Win a Critique from Literary Agent, Jennifer Schober

The whole world has heard of Cleopatra VII of Egypt, the infamous Queen of the Nile. But did you know that she had a daughter? Stephanie Dray is the author of a projected trilogy from Berkley Books based on the true life story of the princess Selene, the daughter of […]

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Videos: Advice for Writers from Best-Selling Writers

Neil Gaiman, best-selling fantasy author, talks about the elves we all wish would appear in the night and finish our latest project. I know I’ve looked for them. How about you? In this video clip, Stephen King, darn him, says writers have to do the work (also known as…write).

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Video Inspiration: Ray Bradbury and his Road to Publication

Ray Bradbury talks about rejection and acceptance in the short story market where he got his start. Plus, you get to watch him walk around his house in shorts!

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