The Accountability Factor

If I’m held accountable for something a strange thing happens. I do it. Take Weight Watchers.  I do the program on my own, but when I get into the danger zone of not fitting in my jeans, I sign up and go to meetings. I get serious. Instead of meandering […]

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Checklist for a Good and Helpful Critique

For the final installment on critiques (see Writing Critique Groups for ideas of finding or starting a critique group and Guidelines for Writing Critiques for setting up a group code of conduct) following is a checklist and suggestions for helping you shape your critique to be of maximum benefit for […]

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Guidelines for Writing Critiques

When conducted with honesty, sensitivity and integrity, a good critique is worth so much to a writer. Here are some guidelines to help your group thrive as a positive influence and experience for all your members.

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Critque Groups can be a Blessing and a Curse

Writing Critique Groups…a Blessing and a Curse!

There is nothing better for your creative writing than finding (or creating) a critique group. Having someone else read your work is the perfect way to discover if your novel writing is successful and your story is making it to the page (after all, it’s perfect in your head!) and […]

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