The #1 Way to Get Inspired!

New Year’s Resolutions? Goals? I know, I’ve heard all the “goals aren’t good” and “resolutions set you up to fail” and wondered why I enjoy making them so much. In an earlier post wrote about goal setting in terms of making them into dreams (see Dreaming Wide Awake), which for me […]

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Your Guardian Muse: Inspiration Wanted

Writers at all levels need to be inspired. Those just starting out need inspiration to send their work to publishers and get published. Once an author has been published, inspiration is needed to keep writing and to take things to the next step. It doesn’t matter if you’ve published no […]

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Why Writers Should Read

I am always astounded at how many times I hear a writer say, “I don’t read. I don’t have the time.” The truth of the matter is that you will make time for what is important and if writing is important to you, reading should be as well. Whether books […]

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Your Guardian Muse: Battling Guilt and Other Inspiration-Eaters

By Mary Caelsto I’m giving a class this weekend about how your muse acts as a guardian and how you can tap into its power. One of the themes that keeps coming up is when I offer tip number one, which is get rid of guilt, there’s a lot of […]

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Expand Your Creativity

  How can you reduce stress, re-energize, expand your creativity, find a new perspective and motivate yourself? One word. FUN. Studies document how important laughter and fun is to enhance your life and health. There is another important benefit to an artist or writer—increased productivity and creativity. Summer is the […]

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