Anxious Woman

Nothing’s Set In Stone: Getting Past Writer’s Anxiety

Writing is hard. Coming up with a new story idea is exciting, and playing god to your story world can be wicked fun, but almost everything else between the light-bulb moment and typing “The End” is different degrees of torment for me and, I’m sure, scores of others. I don’t […]

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The Secret to Creative Writing

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. –Rumi For writers and artists, especially ones who have a business side to their artistic endeavors, there is a constant tightrope act of walking between the logic part of the brain and letting go […]

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pen writing

Free the Writer Within!

Freewriting is a terrific way to sneak your way into the writing zone and then write your way to an idea. I use freewriting any time I’m stuck. Instead of staring at a blank page (whether paper or a blank page on a computer—all that white!) I grab a pen […]

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Woman Writing by Hand

Steps to Success – Be A Writer

It’s a funny thing, but I really began to make money as a writer when I started thinking like one.  Now I don’t mean in the nebulous “positive thinking” kind of way, as if by thinking it, suddenly it becomes true. While maintaining an optimistic attitude is always helpful, it’s […]

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Spring Clean Your Writing

Everyone I know is tired of winter and in the mood for spring, including me! Hopefully, by the time you read this, temps below freezing and snowstorms will be a memory. Spring is the time of new birth, new beginnings and…spring cleaning! Opening the house, letting in fresh air and […]

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