Expand Your Creativity

  How can you reduce stress, re-energize, expand your creativity, find a new perspective and motivate yourself? One word. FUN. Studies document how important laughter and fun is to enhance your life and health. There is another important benefit to an artist or writer—increased productivity and creativity. Summer is the […]

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Anxious Woman

Nothing’s Set In Stone: Getting Past Writer’s Anxiety

Writing is hard. Coming up with a new story idea is exciting, and playing god to your story world can be wicked fun, but almost everything else between the light-bulb moment and typing “The End” is different degrees of torment for me and, I’m sure, scores of others. I don’t […]

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The Secret to Creative Writing

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. –Rumi For writers and artists, especially ones who have a business side to their artistic endeavors, there is a constant tightrope act of walking between the logic part of the brain and letting go […]

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pen writing

Free the Writer Within!

Freewriting is a terrific way to sneak your way into the writing zone and then write your way to an idea. I use freewriting any time I’m stuck. Instead of staring at a blank page (whether paper or a blank page on a computer—all that white!) I grab a pen […]

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Woman Writing by Hand

Steps to Success – Be A Writer

It’s a funny thing, but I really began to make money as a writer when I started thinking like one.  Now I don’t mean in the nebulous “positive thinking” kind of way, as if by thinking it, suddenly it becomes true. While maintaining an optimistic attitude is always helpful, it’s […]

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