Give Your Writing More “Body”

If you have or are planning any dead bodies in your fiction, need some different ideas for brainstorming, or are just plain interested in what happens to our mortal shells once our souls leave residence, these books are for you.

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Tools For Developing Characters: Must-Haves for Your Writing Book Shelf

I’m going to share a few books that help me with the biggest and best part of my creative writing process—building characters. Take a look at these books and see if they have something to offer your writing process.

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Word Painting by Rebecca McClanahan: A Book Review

No matter if you write fiction, non-fiction, articles, or essays, what you will learn from “Word Painting” by Rebecca McClanahan will greatly enhance all creative writing endeavors.

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Best Writing Tools–My “How To Write” Bookshelf

I love books, writing books included. I have them all. Well, maybe not all, but I do have quite a few, and my collection constantly grows. I read them, highlight passages, make notes, and then if they are truly excellent I keep them on my “How to Write” bookshelf. These […]

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Book Review: Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook by Donald Maass

I can never find my copy of Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook. It’s always somewhere else other than on my bookshelf, because this is indeed a working writer’s workbook that is constantly in use.

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