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At Your Pace and Schedule Writing Classes

At Your Pace and Schedule classes start when you want them to start. There is also a generous one year deadline to complete the course, meaning you can power through the lessons in a couple of weeks or stretch them out over a few months. You choose. Lessons, feedback and critiques all exchanged via email. Payment to be arranged with each individual instructor. (Prepayment required.)

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Using Goal, Motivation and Conflict to Build Characters and Plot

It’s amazing what two little sentences can do for keeping your characters and plot on track. Learn this magic formula along with the specific elements every goal must have to work for your book, how to know if the motivation you choose fits your characters and how to test your conflict to make sure it won’t fizzle out when the story is only halfway done.

Three lessons with feedback provided by instructor on short homework assignments and three 1,000 word critiques.

$75 (Contact instructor of your choice directly to arrange payment and delivery of lessons: Lori Devoti or Kathy Steffen)