Falling into literary links

Links for autumn, gathered far and wide ….   * Do book covers matter anymore? * So-called reviewers being sued. What interesting times we live in. * Bookish tights. What’s the world coming to? * Yes, what counts as a success might surprise you … * Are ebooks on the […]

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Income and plot fodder

As usual: a mixed bag! * New words added to the OED. Not sure I’ve heard some of these… * Garbage collector rescuing books. Really good story. * Interesting fodder for plots, perhaps: which job has the most psychopaths? * For once, a dust-up about a book that has some […]

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Swoons, addictions, and more …

* A good article about pricing and victims (authors). * A list of “swoon-worthy” romances. I’m not sure. This might be too much swoon in one place. * Interesting how an audible experience differs from a reading experience. * Yes, all sad but true. I’ve heard most of ’em. * […]

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A mixed bag o’ links

I’m not sure why, but I stumbled across an eclectic mix this month … * An interesting historical perspective for a war that had no photographs * For those who are looking for images (of all kinds, and all free) * What were they thinking, letting the 50 Shades author […]

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Lean links

I’ve been traveling a lot, so links are lean this month. Sorry about that! * Literary jewelry. I need some. * Book art. Oh, I wish I was so talented… * I agree and disagree with a lot of this about the Rock Stars of the Romance World. * Why […]

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