Jump-Start Your Imagination with Story Starter First Lines

One way to fire up your imagination? Creative writing exercises focused on the first line of a story. Below is a list of first lines for you to use to hone your storytelling and writing skills.

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Powering Up Your Prose

So you’ve finished a draft of your manuscript. Congratulations! That’s an accomplishment scores of people dream of and only a small percentage of determined writers achieve. The next step is, of course, revising your manuscript, maybe after getting a critique partner’s input or receiving feedback from a contest judge or […]

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Hand Holding a Globe

A No Stress Guide to World Building

I’m a big believer in a conversational approach to writing a synopsis which frequently is also part of my plotting. I like to use this same  when building a world. So rather than going all left brain and filling out a list, I just sit back and let the ideas […]

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Boy discovering world through computer

Why Build a World, When You Can Steal One?

No, this is not a post about fan fiction or making a living as a copyright thief. It’s really more of a “write what you know” post or what you can research post. I’ve had two series that required some decent world building. The first, my Unbound series for Harlequin […]

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Short and Sweet: Grammar Cake Pops – Affect vs. Effect

For the next few columns, I’m planning to keep things short and sweet by looking at very specific grammar issues. By keeping the focus on one issue at a time, it should be easier to remember. Think of them as bite-sized grammar treats! The cake pop of the grammar world! […]

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