Creative Writing Prompts: Start with a Setting

The DaVinci Code begins with a murder in the Louvre. The story of Sarah’s Key had to take place in France. In the case of Water for Elephants, the setting—a circus—moves with the story but is a complete world nonetheless. A setting does more than add interest. If your story […]

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A Gift Created From Your Writer’s Heart

A one of a kind gift from your heart is the best gift to receive and to give. Put your writing skills to work to make someone’s holiday special. Here are some ideas, so put your creative writing talents to work!

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10 Quick Tips to Get Your Writing Back on Track!

Use any or all of these techniques to get yourself back in the writing groove right NOW!

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Outside-of-the-Box Books for Writers

Not specifically for writers, these books inspire creativity

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Summer: The Time is Write

Along with a myriad of reasons to enjoy the beautiful summer comes a wonderful writing opportunity. All you need to do is go outside and invoke one of the greatest writing rules: Observe everything. Not sure where to start or what to do? Take this list and a pen and paper (or voice recorder or laptop) outside and start writing.

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