Why Writers Should Read

I am always astounded at how many times I hear a writer say, “I don’t read. I don’t have the time.” The truth of the matter is that you will make time for what is important and if writing is important to you, reading should be as well. Whether books […]

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The Secret to Creative Writing

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. –Rumi For writers and artists, especially ones who have a business side to their artistic endeavors, there is a constant tightrope act of walking between the logic part of the brain and letting go […]

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Free the Writer Within!

Freewriting is a terrific way to sneak your way into the writing zone and then write your way to an idea. I use freewriting any time I’m stuck. Instead of staring at a blank page (whether paper or a blank page on a computer—all that white!) I grab a pen […]

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5 Character Tips to Intrigue Readers

One of the best ways to build conflict and suspense in your character and intrigue your reader is to give your character a secret. Better yet, have her lie to hide it and to protect herself. Don’t divulge the secret right away in your story, but keep it hidden until […]

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The Accountability Factor

If I’m held accountable for something a strange thing happens. I do it. Take Weight Watchers.  I do the program on my own, but when I get into the danger zone of not fitting in my jeans, I sign up and go to meetings. I get serious. Instead of meandering […]

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