A Diet Program for your Writing

A Diet Program—for Your Writing!

You want the essence of your writing to come through, but needless words and phrases can get in the way and weigh down your prose. Solution: put your writing on a five-step diet.

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Review of online grammar writing tool: Grammarly

Grammarly – A Review Grammarly is a site that lets you upload sections of your writing to have them checked for grammar, punctuation, style, etc. How Does It Work? Grammarly is very easy to use. Simply copy the text you’d like to analyze and paste it into the window. Select […]

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“That” versus “Which”

While both “that” and “which” can be used in a variety of ways, they are not, in fact, interchangeable. So let’s take a look at “that” and “which” and see if we can figure out how to use them correctly.

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Why do you need a freelance editor?

By Tanya Saari You’ve written a book, maybe more than one. You may have unsuccessfully attempted taking the traditional print publisher route, or you may have decided that you want to strike out on your own. Whatever the reason, before you head to the post office, or slap that sucker […]

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Lie vs. Lay: Only Chickens Lay (Eggs)

First, a reminder: grammar is your friend. A strong understanding and command of grammar will help your writing fade into the background so that your story can stay front and center, where it should be. This column will cover two different common word usage issues. I’ve found that the best […]

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