Your Guardian Muse: Battling Guilt and Other Inspiration-Eaters

By Mary Caelsto I’m giving a class this weekend about how your muse acts as a guardian and how you can tap into its power. One of the themes that keeps coming up is when I offer tip number one, which is get rid of guilt, there’s a lot of […]

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Fear and the Art of Writing

To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself. -Soren Kierkegaard I have been thinking quite a bit about fear lately. The reason? I’ve been scared to death! I’m working on a TREEbook at the request of my publisher. It’s a new technology—an app […]

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Girl at Fencing Thinking, writing muse

How is Your Muse Awesome?

By Mary Caelsto By now I’m just past the halfway point in the Awesome Writer’s Muse Giveaway I’m hosting. (There’s still time to sign up.) and we’re giving away free gifts designed to help writers craft the careers they desire in 2013! One of the things I’ve noticed that really […]

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10 Quick Tips to Get Your Writing Back on Track!

Use any or all of these techniques to get yourself back in the writing groove right NOW!

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Finding Your AWOL Muse During The Holidays

By Mary Caelsto Life seems to have a way of kicking into high gear at times. Like now. I can’t believe it’s the week of Thanksgiving again (here in the US). Didn’t we just do this? When life moves at hyperspeed, our muse can take a vacation. After all, between […]

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