The Venn Diagram Stage of Writing

by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta I’ve long had good luck dividing writing into distinct stages and forcing them not to mingle: first there is the brainstorm stage (usually takes place on hikes or in the shower, but occasionally in the middle of the night when I wake to feed the baby). […]

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Marrying Marketing and Writing Goals

It’s almost the end of the year. The smell of fresh-baked cookies lingers in the air and if you tilt your head, you can probably the jingling of bells and holiday ornaments. Winter offers writers the chance to reflect on goals: What did we accomplish the previous year? What do […]

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Eight Simple Rules for Writing Historical Fiction

by: Jacquelin Cangro A writer recently told me she was planning a work of historical fiction set during the Civil War, but she was a bit overwhelmed. Where to begin? I could relate. My novel is set during the 1940s. It’s certainly not as remote as the Civil War in […]

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