Writing the Cozy Mystery

 by Nancy J. Cohen How do you plot a mystery? Ask ten different authors, and you’ll get ten different responses. Everyone’s method is unique. However, genre conventions dictate that certain reader expectations must be met. In a cozy or traditional mystery, readers expect a puzzle to solve, an amateur sleuth, […]

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Six Ways to Add Suspense to Any Book

There are a lot of ways to build suspense and add tension to your works of fiction. Here are six of my favorites. Changing Point of View – Since most of my books have two major point of view characters, I tend to do this a lot. You are writing […]

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The Author’s Crystal Ball of Suspense: Foreshadowing

Foreshadowing pays off if you do it right (and really falls flat if you don’t.) Think of foreshadowing as planting subtle clues for the reader of something that is going to happen later in the story—that something being of major importance.

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