Jump-Start Your Imagination with Story Starter First Lines

One way to fire up your imagination? Creative writing exercises focused on the first line of a story. Below is a list of first lines for you to use to hone your storytelling and writing skills.

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Red Poppy for Rememberance

Memories as Writing Prompts

Last Monday, Kathy Steffen posted on using significant objects as writing prompts. Today, I thought we’d take that a bit further and use objects from our past and our memories around those objects as writing prompts. Last weekend I was going into the grocery store with my son. Standing outside […]

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Creative Writing Prompts: Find Your Character Through Their Profession

What your character does is an important piece of who he or she is. Below are some writing prompts to help you dig into your character and find your story through your character.

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Creative Writing Prompts: Secrets and Lies for Your Characters

Creating a character with a strong internal conflict, secret, or burden makes for one compelling read! Here are creative writing prompts to help you find some internal secrets, lies (and therefore conflict) for your characters.

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Creative Writing Prompts Inspired by The Hero’s Journey

Do these exercises before or during the writing of your novel to jump-start ideas. You can brainstorm each step many times and choose what is best, or let information and ideas come that you can utilize in another place in your story.

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